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Nissan Diesel ( U D Nissan ) Air Port Limousine Bus

dsc03087 dsc03088 dsc03089 dsc03090 dsc03091 dsc03092 dsc03093 dsc03094

Model No                           JA530RAN

Engine Capacity                18,000 CC


Year                                     2000

Fuel                                      Diesel

Colour                                 White / Orange

Mileage                               XXXXX  Km

Transmission                     Manual

Line Air Conditioner, Power Steering, 43 seater, Main Engine for Air Conditioner system,

Toilet , Auto Door.

Toyota Hiace Commuter Passenger Bus

dsc03076 dsc03077 dsc03078 dsc03079 dsc03080 dsc03081

Model No                           KDH223

Engine Capacity                3000 CC

Grade                                  GL

Year                                     2016

Fuel                                      Diesel

Colour                                 White

Mileage                                0  Km

Transmission                     Automatic

Line Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Power Shutter, Power Mirror, Push Start, Multifunction Steering,Auto Sliding Door, Adjustable seats, TV,DVD, Revers Camera ,   14 seater High roof   .